An Introduction

We live in a competitive world where being successful is everything. Success is everything, for sure. But we at Meru ask, why do you have to struggle to succeed when you can just identify what you are good at., or are natural at. We believe that to be the best at something you want to do, you need to first understand what you love doing. Then becoming the best is just a matter of time, it's just a process. Because you already know what you love doing, what makes you happy.

Fortunately, today, we are far more exposed to possibilities. All we need to do is guide our kids the right way and watch them grow into strong, empathetic, socially responsible and successful citizens of our country.

We believe that discovery has to always be a personal discovery for your child, and that the parents to play a very integral part in helping them follow their heart. Which is why, we are going to be working very closely with you during this journey.

At Meru, your kid will experience the most truthful/natural form of learning, with a strong value system that promises success that is happy, that believes in Emotional Quotient (EQ) over Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Where your kids will learn to compete with the best and most importantly, in the right spirit.

At Meru, we bring together old-school values and new-school methodologies. We believe that education is everything and everything around it is about preparing your children to be successful at doing what they love.

Why should you trust your child’s future with Meru?

Meru is brought to you by the founders of My Home Group and Maha Cement. Our success is because of the mountain of trust we have built over decades. Yes! We are in the business of building. Building trust. Building values. Building confidence. And now we are ready to build your child’s future."

Meru's Promise:

Your children don't have to struggle to succeed. They just have to identify what they are good at or love doing. Or what they are natural at.

And we'll enable them to be successful at it.