Academics Philosophy

The main focus of the curriculum at Meru International School is to ensure that the learner’s potential is fully utilized. Our attention is not directed at just one domain, but at the holistic learning and development of every child. This is where the 3C Curriculum we follow plays a vital role.

The Spirit of Success

The key to success in life is a good foundation. At Meru International School, we ensure every child is equipped with everything they need to succeed. Every child is destined to succeed. All you have to do is hand them the tools to help them achieve it.

We believe in moulding citizens who not only reach the pinnacle of their fields, but do so in a responsible and righteous manner. For us, it’s not just about the destination, but the journey we lead your children on to get them there.

Built to Succeed

At Meru International School, we believe that achieving success should not be a struggle. Every child has their own strengths. It’s about identifying those strengths and honing them. Our 3C Curriculum promotes learning through multiple facets of Character, Content and Competence. These aspects of the curriculum help in developing well-rounded individuals with a progressive mind-set, for whom success becomes a way of life.