Other Programs

Meru International School also has a host of other programs and clubs to promote holistic growth and development of every child. The objective is to get children out of the classroom, and engage in the other facets of learning. Through meaningful interaction with other students who share the same interests, we promote collaborative learning in different fields.

Literary Club

The club will promote literary interest & activities on campus and analyze both reading and writing perspectives.

Interact Club

The Interact Club of students in the school plans and organizes activities on social and environmental issues to spread awareness and foster responsibility.

Eco-Sustainability Club

The Club focuses on waste management. It does so by generating awareness about littering and behavior modification.

Humanity Club

The club focuses on issues related to problems children are facing around the globe, care for the differently abled, kindness to animals, care for the elderly etc.

Design & Technology Club

The club will promote learning of design concepts through tools of technology, Photoshop, animation etc.

M.U.N Club

The club will work upon preparing students to discuss global issues of international importance and help them critically analyze the solutions.

Cuisine Club

It focuses on spreading awareness on healthy eating habits. The students will have sessions on interesting elements like cooking without fire, salad making and international cuisines.

Personality Development Workshops

The focus of this workshop is to help you understand yourself better and shape your thinking and your perception of yourself and others.

Spoken Foreign Language

With the world becoming more connected, learning a foreign language is more relevant than ever. The sessions are designed to help students communicate in a foreign language and offer insight into the cultures where those languages are spoken.

DEAR Program

The Drop-Everything-And-Read Program gives students time to read what they want to read, share what they've read, and receive the support they need for further reading explorations and reflections.

Gender Sensitivity Program

In a 21st century society, there is no place for gender discrimination. Thus, it is important to develop Gender Sensitivity Programs and monitor their impacts with methodologies and gender sensitive indicators.

Student Wellness Program

Meru International School is the safest place for your child after home. The Student Wellness & Health Promotion cultivates a healthy and safe community that inspires students to succeed as leaders, role models, advocates and good citizens.

Student Exchange Program

During this program, students from different schools are exposed to an intensive program that increases their understanding of other cultures, communities, and languages.

Customized Individual Improvement Plan (IIP)

We offer need based individual sessions to students which are age and gender based, where the focus of every session is to help the child explore the emotional and psychological aspect of growth.